In health care legal matters, we represent physicians exclusivey. We do not represent insurance companies, hospitals or managed care organizations. We have made a conscious decision to limit our representation to the people who provide care: the doctors. We understand the complexities of the practice of medicine, and the demands and difficulties that are faced daily by physicians.

At Baggott Law, we provide competent health care counsel on issues such as privileges, credentialing, regulatory compliance, fraud and abuse and corporate structure. We help you find effective ways to negotiate and enforce contracts with third party payors, managed care organizations and physician practice management companies. We also help doctors negotiate the details of initial recruitment agreements, guide our clients through the intimidating web of administrative procedures and ensure that our doctors receive due process when it comes to the handling of privilege issues at the hospitals where they are on staff.

Our doctors have enough to worry about. We make sure that the health care legal issues arising from their practices do not add to those worries.