To many business owners, the mere thought of litigation can be head-spinning. Although litigation may have a negative connotation, we have learned that our clients resort to litigation as a necessary and final action when negotiations have been unsuccessful.

At Baggott, that is how we view litigation for our clients: a last resort. Businesses know, and we understand, the costs in time and energy associated with commercial litigation. Due to this understanding, we work to exhaust all avenues before it gets to that point.

With Baggott on your side, whether you are making a claim or are defending a claim, you can be confident that you have an advocate who understands your business, has the experience to handle complex claims, and is prepared to aggressively pursue your interests. We actively involve you in the planning, and then select and pursue the most effective form of dispute resolution for your situation, whether it is through formal court procedures; an alternative dispute resolution method, such as arbitration or mediation; or a combination of both.

At Baggott Law, we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and effective plan that will produce a favorable outcome and maintain the reputation you have worked so hard to build for your company.