In today's fast-moving and global economy, innovation is key in many rapidly developing fields. Substantial investments are made in research and development and in promoting brand identity and loyalty. Developers and investors need to be confident that the unique product they have created is protected and secure. Moreover, they need an attorney who is competent and capable in handling such important matters.

At Baggott Law, we understand the high stakes that are involved with intellectual property. We can help you protect your intellectual property, whether it is through the implementation and maintenance of procedures to protect trade secrets or the registration and enforcement of trademarks or copyrights. We have the experience you expect of counsel for protection of development and refinement of existing products, managing trademark portfolios and disputes, and copyright registrations and disputes.

We prosecute trademark and copyright registrations. We enforce trademark, copyright and trade secret rights. We help you put in place management structures that will maximize the value of and protect your intellectual property, including the development of license agreements, non-disclosure agreements and franchise programs. When someone has infringed on your intellectual property rights, we will help you enforce those rights through cease and desist demands, injunctions, litigation and other means.

Our priority is ensuring that our clients realize the full potential of their intellectual property rights, and we at Baggott Law work to help you maintain the highest level of integrity for your products and systems.